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Create Your Own World!

“Create Your Own World!” is a motto of visionary artists. We all enjoy escaping into, and journeying within, fictional realms. Some aspire to create their own unique artistic worlds. 

Intended for all readers who love literature and film, and especially for writers, educators, narratologists, media scholars and practitioners, screenwriters, filmmakers, and videogame designers, the new set of books about narrative world-building points at new ways of navigating, exploring, and creating entrancing fictional universes.

Available in print and as a four-part Kindle set, Fictional Worlds was also released on iTunes as an interactive, illustrated and expanded transmedia edition. The Fictional Worlds books are part of a new series Storytelling on Screen. 

Enter and browse Fictional Worlds  the book set and its website! We invite all visitors to leave comments and ask questions. Let discussions begin!

Books and Formats

Click on the Book Cover image at the bottom of this page, or the Book Title, or the "Buy" button to visit, if you wish to purchase the book Fictional World: Traditions in Narrative and the Age of Visual Culture, and for more information available on the book's Amazon page. 

New! Digital versions of the print volume Fictional Worlds are available as a set of four ebooks on Kindle on and coming soon four iBooks on the iTunes Store. A reader can choose between a print edition (4 volumes under one cover) or digital editions, which have added features. 

Fictional Worlds I: The Symbolic Journey & The Genre System is the FIRST part of the four-ebook Kindle set. It is linked to a print edition on

Also in the Kindle four-book set

Fictional Worlds II: Dramatic Characters & Dramatic Action

Fictional Worlds III: Tragedy & Mystery

Fictional Worlds III: Comedy & The Extraordinary

Visit the author's page on and see all available new books and formats in the Storytelling on Screen series, as they become available. 

Drama, tragedy, and the dystopian fictional worlds allow us to examine possible paths that humankind should not take, creating a narrative encyclopedia of missteps, or an extended list of Commandments: the demonstration of the logical consequences of doing what ‘Thou Shalt Not.
— Fictional Worlds

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